Nicole Davis, Psy.D., J.D., Founder of the Center for Mindful Living, is a licensed psychologist (FL PY7520) who has been practicing in South Florida for over a decade. She has always been drawn to helping others triumph over suffering and to find peace. Professionally Dr. Davis has worked with individuals with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, addiction and co-occurring disorders, trauma, work and relationship challenges, and lifespan adjustment issues, all from a client-centered and collaborative approach. She believes all of us already have everything we need to live a life filled with contentment and satisfaction, and is deeply committed to helping her clients see themselves in a positive and compassionate light. Dr. Davis has invested significant time in her own personal growth and learning, and the Center for Mindful Living came into being as a result of this journey. She maintains a regular personal practice of mindfulness and
meditation, and is dedicated to helping others also live a present-and-accounted-for life filled with joy, meaning and fulfillment. Her authenticity and empathic personal style, along with her commitment to her own personal growth, is evident in her clinical style.


  • Individual Therapy

    One-on-one counseling to address emotional or relationship issues, recovery from addiction or trauma, and personal growth.

  • Mindfulness Coaching

    Services include private mindfulness coaching, mindfulness-based wellness retreats, and small group trainings. Find Joy. Reconnect with gratitude. Be mindful.

  • "Mindful Professionals" Program

    Assisting professionals in high stress workplaces, such as addiction professionals, first responders and healthcare professionals, learn about and manage secondary trauma through the practice of mindfulness.

  • "Making Meaning" Program

    An intensive personal growth program that includes a personal values assessment, individual therapy and mindfulness coaching/training.


Dr. Davis utilizes traditional psychotherapeutic techniques including cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic and positive psychology, combined with a mindfulness approach, to assist her clients in achieving emotional and social wellness. The Center for Mindful Living is one of the only clinical practices in the region to combine these traditional therapeutic services with holistic mind/body therapies. Grounded in the most current research and evidenced-based-practices, she has created cutting-edge programs to address the specific needs of her clients. Dr. Davis knows through both personal and professional experience that trauma and situational stress, without compassionate and non-judgmental attention and care, can lead to deep suffering. She employs a compassionate and genuine approach to teaching her clients how to practice non-judgmental awareness of their experiences, which enables them to see things differently, experience life more fully and gives them the strength they need to face life's challenges when they arise.